If you think of our carpenter’s workshop, in terms of equipment think of a medium enterprise kind of woodshop. With our coop partner Felder we are able to provide real industrial format machines. We can’t think of a woodworking project too ambitious. No kidding, really. And next to that high class, but rather traditional, machinery you’ll find a large format, 4-axis CNC machining center. From freeform milling to building built-in closets in small quantities, get right at it.

Now we certainly hope that we didn’t unsettle you. Most of the machines are really usable, even for complete beginners. But, because we want you to be safe and want a long and healthy life for our machines we made wood shop / machine courses mandatory. You’ll learn the basics of every machine and will be a better carpenter for it!

If you’re already a pro and our machines are of a different fabricate only, prove it in our 20-minute refresher course.

After some hours of personal training, and if, and only if our trainers find you proficient enough, you may use our CNC machine center by yourself.
If that sounds like too much trouble send us your project plans or date and we fabricate your piece for you at fair prices.

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