Electric BMX for Ultimate Urban Ride Experience

Electric BMX for Ultimate Urban Ride Experience

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As turbospezial is Tatcraft’s first 100% self-incubated project, the company is really close to our hearts. Simply said by using high quality products and great bike design turbospezial aims to make sustainable urban transportation look cool and make it a great experience.
turbospezial is an independent bike company that designs / engineers / produces high quality electrified BMX bikes and accessories. turbospezial is the first 100% Tatcraft incubated spin-off as the bike was founded by Tatcraft employees and supported by Tatcraft’s innovation infrastructure as well as by using the Tatcraft Value Creation Toolbox. The Idea for turbospezial came in 2018, when Sinan and Fabian had a late night talk about the perfect bike for urban environments that also meets fashion and style requirements. They quickly enthused Alina and Tim who then became founding partners. The company's mission is to expand throughout the worlds’ capitals. The dream is to see people ride the turbospezial in cities like Tokyo, London, Seoul, New York, LA, soon.
Tech / Product Design - BMX Feeling. Electric Speed.
turbospezial provides ample evidence that having an unparalleled riding experience, maximum electric torque and authentic street style can be an environmentally conscious decision. With high quality framing, vegan leather crashpads, and super solid mounting parts the bike is proper german engineering. It’s an electric bike that finally meets the requirements of fashion and lifestyle minded people, sporting just enough hints of Bike Moto Cross nostalgia. Simply said it’s BMX Feeling. Electric Speed.
Urban Subcultural Brand Design
turbospezial, unlike other bike-brands, is very much a lifestyle accessory for short daily commutes but much more to belong to a global urban scene. The brand definitely has its roots in ever present subcultural phenomenons like freestyle sports, hip hop and streetwear fashion. As we have seen lots of collaborations between art, design, fashion and sport industries we intended to create a clean but little bit edgy brand, where respective partners fit in and feel comfortable
Business Design Aimed for Accessibility
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