Next Level Full Light Spectrum Grow-Light with Grow Automation

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For a long time we are convinced that the current state of industrial agricultural goods manufacturing is neither sustainable nor able to introduce the right means to help end global warming. Therefore we were delighted, when Marino asked us to participate in this amazing hardware, business and brandbuilding adventure.
Rural depopulation and the subsequent boom of cities worldwide demands for new (intelligent) solutions and products that support the societal journey into sustainability. Urban farmers are the backbone of a movement that uses urban spaces, which oftentimes are neglected, for highly efficient and CO2 saving local production of fresh, nutrition rich farm produce. In order to produce efficiently, sustainably and scalably urban farmers are in need of smart hardware and process automation. techSun helps these innovators to increase their performance significantly.
Next Level Green-Tech
From a technical standpoint our co-creation partner Marino and us created a grow light that delivers the full light spectrum of the sun, a panel that does not require active cooling and is very slim. To the point, where it easily fits into most grow racks. The unibody construction caters for a reduced, modern design and the added value of water repellency. Beyond that techSun provides unparalleled automation options with the Automatic Grow App.
Designing the Future of Farming
From a brand perspective techSun provides the technocratic appearance a green tech firm needs to transport factual information, technical specs and product benefits. But also uses color themes that are connected with sustainability, innovation and nature in combination appealing visual language and easy understandable illustrations make the vision of urban and vertical farming accessible to a wide consumer field.
Designing a B2Society Tech Business
techSun aims to co-create with a large number of synergetic firms (water, climate, soil, systems engineering) in order to offer a holistic grow-process that provides systematic, recurring results. The product itself is a B2Society product. The company delivers panels and extensive automation options to private / semi professional customers and delivers large scale customizable (consulting driven) solutions to professional (horticulture) clients. Panels will be sold via e-commerce, retailers and direct as a holistic service.