Bag Sharing Station

Lust auf Besser Leben bag sharing station project designed & produced by Tatcraft

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Product Development
Product Design
Graphic Design
Visual Identity

Lust auf besser Leben (“LabL”) is a Frankfurt based not-for-profit company that aims to turn global development goals suitable for everyday use until 2030. In order to fulfill their mission “LabL” supports local initiatives independently. Lust auf besser Leben impressed us with their commitment and energy in which they tackle topics that concern us all - especially their actions towards the reduction of plastic usage and plastic waste.


As we always seek opportunities to support ESG / CDG initiatives and tackle green-growth topics, ee’re delighted about the opportunity to be doing our part in reducing plastic usage in local retail. As we all know plastics are a huge topic in global retail. Although the current state of plastic consumption is not sustainable and the overall efforts that are being made are still insufficient - we see lots of initiatives from EcoDesign standards in packaging(design), to sustainable alternatives and to circular systems. One significant step towards plastic reduction in retail surely was the nation-wide ban of plastic bags. Fortunately the ban led the way to re-usable alternatives, unfortunately those reusable bags are in circulation plentifully - with considerable doubt concerning how often those are in use, anyways. That is exactly where “LabL” steps in. By providing “bag sharing stations” to local retailers they encourage shoppers to provide collected bags to others. This circulatory system helps to circulate reusable bags as often as possible. We loved the challenge to ideate, design, prototype & build such sustainable objects. As a starting point for the overall project we supplied 30 “bag sharing stations” to “LabL” that they provided to retailers that themselves support sustainable initiatives.
Product Design
We opted for a simple and easy to understand design that also meets the requirements to be weaterresistend and durable. The product is also movable, which helps shopkeepers to maneuver it easily.
Design of everyday things
A Station like this, with no-one around to explain how it works, has the affordance to guide the user to the right action effortlessly. The rules for that are simple: make it visible, exploit natural relationships that couple function and control, and make intelligent use of constraints.
Graphic Design
Tatcraft also created the communication system for the stations. We choose a bright color-palette to get more attention on urban grounds. The logo for the station and the infofield-stickers are also designed by our design team.