An eco friendly Burger Brand

Eco-Design in Graphic-, Interior- & Packaging for the friendliest Burger Brand in Germany.

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Bunsters is a young German burger brand.The two founders impressed us with their hospitality and their sense for innovative burger recipes that taste great and are developed with sustainability in mind.


We are aware of the responsibility comes along with our line of work. It is important for us to work with clients who understand the importance of ESG. Therefore it’s no wonder that the burger brand Bunsters is one of our customers. The concept is promoting ecologically correct food and multicultural openness. We helped the Bunsters to find a language that conveys their ideals and to support Bunsters to make environmentally friendly and multi culinary food a hype in Germany. In order to do just that, we developed a scalable 360 ° identity that meets eco-design requirements in terms of design, interior and packaging
Eco-Design Visual Identity
In order to underline the natural hospitality of the Bunsters crew, we choose to position Bunsters asa food lover club. With an iconic color and layered typography, it targets the multi-culinary layers of Bunster burgers. The visual identity of the Bunsters brand is designed with the requirements of ecodesign in mind..
Interior Concept
The interior concept reflects aspects of iconic brand elements while being designed environmentally conscious at the same time. You’ll find natural & recyclable materials combined with the new color scheme of the Bunster concept.
Sustainable Packaging
When it comes to eco-design & sustainability conscious packaging, is not just the selection of sustainable materials, that plays a role. The economical use of materials is equally important and is therefore to be considered. That is why we’ve developed a packaging concept that requires little use of raw materials, uses standard sustainable packaging solutions, that yet can be individually customized.