DIY man! Motorcycles and bikes are emotional beings. Care for them on your own. Most of the time that’s easier said than done. A) it often turns out to be not soooo easy and B) you end up needing more specialized equipment than you think. Both doesn’t necessarily have to be problems in our bike shop. Especially concerning bikes, we do have some real pro’s within our member ranks- they might turn you in the right direction. And you’ll find pretty much all the equipment you need, lifting ramps / torque wrenches / wheel guns and a complete set of Parktool bike tools, thanks to our friend and wrench monkey Eddie.

By the way, right now real motorcycle repairing experts are scarce amongst our members. Maybe that’s you?  

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  • Motorcycle Lift MHB 680
    Motorrad-Hebebühne MHB 680

  • 3 Paddock Stands MH 680
    3 Motorrad-Heber MH 680

  • Full Parktool Bicycle tooling set
    Komplette Parktool Fahrradwerkzeug Ausstattung

  • Torque wrench

  • Universal puller, ratchet sets, etc.
    Universalabzieher, Ratschen Sets, usw.



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