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– TATCRAFT Kantine is a place for good food,
connecting & events. Welcome to the new-work-cuisine.

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Tuesday - Friday 9:00 - 15:00

Tatcraft Kantine is a place for the tastefully hungry ones. Hungry for new ideas. Hungry for new people. Hungry for new work. Yes, we also serve fine food and coffee. Each and every day we have a new a culinary surprise and new people to meet. Let your ideas grow. 

Our Concept is easy. Work hard – eat well. It’s hell of a lot easier to work with good and healthy food in your belly.  Our fixed menu is our classic club sandwich and the vegetarian homemade falafel sandwich. Additionally, we serve two daily changing dishes made of organic, regional products. Healthy food is the key for a creative mind. So, come over and 
try the new work cuisine! 






every Sunday 10:00 - 16:00

Every Sunday Tatcraft Kantine welcomes you to our Sunday brunch.

Yet another brunch? Ha! We reinvented the wheel, Tatcraft Style, churrasco style. Hands down, what is churrasco? Long story short, one of Tatcrafts’ founders had one too many caipirinha in Brazil… What they do there is bringing various kinds of meats as well as other food and drinks directly to your table. Serving you all these delicious things in an entertaining way that feels like a buffet, but you never have to leave the table. So, a little twist and tweak and we came to reinvent the wheel of brunch. Sounds cocky? Just have a try!     

You’ll get “Eggs Benie” with fresh homemade Bread (that is still warm), fresh croissants and cakes and a lot of little portions (menu changes every Sunday) of meat, mussels, veggies of all coleurs , spare ribs, cheese, sweets and more and more and more If you still haven’t had enough you may prepare fresh bubble waffles yourself in the style that fits- your style – with fruits and cream or with chocolate and unicorn sprinkles. It’s completely up to you! We hope you’ll to have a good time with us. See you Sunday!



Gwinnerstraße 42

+ 069 9897 2272 1

Tuesday - Friday
09:00 - 15:00

Sunday Brunch
10:00 - 16:00




Say hi, if you want to reserve a table for the sunday brunch, you want to rent the location or looking for other catering services.

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