This is not the only space we have, that contains a specialized high-tech machine, but it’s the only one that demands a very own production hall :) The Flow Mach 200 is one of our crown jewels, one of our most important / largest / most expensive machines. With our 3D / 5-axis waterjet one is able to cute pretty much every material. From 170mm thick steel, to glass, up to aramid fiber reinforced sheets and all that, if you need, in a 45 degrees angle.
Unfortunately we cannot let you use the machine on your own. It’s just too expensive and needs a tad too much experience- but of course you’re invited to stand right next to us and we show you how it’s done. Trust us, it’s quite a sight when Water and Sand grind with 4.500bar through pretty much any material precisely to a hundredth.

Just send us your project data (the max build size is 4m x 2m) and we fabricate your piece at fair prizes (with and without material).
Originally, we also planned a 3D / 5-axis CNC Router for that space but unfortunately that already committed cooperation slipped away at the last second. Now we’re working hard, that our waterjet won’t be so lonely in the future.





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