We believe in sharing ideas, thoughts and yes, infrastructure as well. The Tatcraft Growth Network is a one of its kind ecosystem for creative makers, a selective community of creators that enables people to imagine, create and fabricate with unparalleled speed by combining workshops and leveraging the aggregate creative mind of a collaborative network. 

The Tatcraft_Growth Network is a loose, anything goes network that encourages members to help each other and share valuable tips and insights. Together we share information in our slack group, host various community events, attend conferences and meet at Tatcraft Kantine or Tatcraft Bar Nights that happen any Thursday. Tatcraft Yard Sales are also a great way to promote latest products, have a beer and network.

Joining the Tatcraft Growth Network is totally free of charge. But while it is free, we require you to contribute actively. There is no value to a community if no one is committed to participate therefore we only onboard people, companies and organizations that are very likely to contribute.



We believe in sharing ideas, thoughts and yes, infrastructure as well. Join a selective community of creators that are invited to contribute actively within our online slack group. Get tips, ask questions, brainstorm ideas and mingle with other makers, (hardware) entrepreneurs and the Tatcraft team. Leverage the aggregate creative mind of a collaborative network.



Every Thursday starting at 6 p.m. our community hangs out at Tatcraft and joins for a beer. That’s also the time when Tatcraft is open to the public, so that fellow makers may explore our little maker universe and ask questions. Join us for a beer! 


Together with the City of Frankfurt and other high value partners we host a conference as well as a series of events. In addition to that, a group of handpicked few startups are being selected to enjoy the benefits of our Tatcraft program in form of financial aid for manufacturing, sales and communication services.


Kantine is our restaurant located on top of our main fabrication facility. Next to great food, that is provided by our chef Dimi, you are happily invited to hang out, co-work and meet with fellow (hardware) entrepreneurs. Don’t forget our Sunday brunch, where creative makers meet.