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– Get into the maker tune. Learn to build great stuff
with the TATCRAFT course program.


Tatcraft -


“get into the maker tune”

You’ll need a strong knowledge foundation to build a hardware powerhouse. Strong growth begets strong knowledge. Know-how begets growth. At Tatcraft you receive hands-on training and building advice. Remember, Tatcraft inherently is a Do it yourself universe so what you’ll get is the basic foundation from which on you’ll have to show some initiative.




For all the Makers out there who have previous knowledge in working with have machinery and already worked with some machines like the band saw, welding machines or 3D printer we offer refresher courser for our workshops. Please note that you should only book refresher course if have previous knowledge and only need to refresh skills for each workshop. 

Our refresher courses occur every thursday at:

– 17:00H: metal workshop refresher appx. 20 min.
– 17:30H: 3D printing refresher appx. 20 min.
– 18:00H: lasercutting refresher appx. 20 min.
– 18:30H: sandblasting + powder coating refresher appx. 20 min.
– 19:00H: wood workshop refresher appx. 20 min


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For everyone who is motivated to start their own project or startup but never worked with heavy machinery / hand tools and lacks the skills to use them safe and the right way. We offer a variety of basic trainings. There is a course for almost every tool or machine we have in the tatcraft makerspace. Just visit our shop an book the basic training for the tool or machine you need. 

For new members of the makerspace who do not have any previous knowledge. Basic trainings for the following machines are required/complementary:

– Band saw
– Slicer
– Panel saw / chop saw / sizing saw
– Sandblasting + powder coating
– Welding machines
– 3D printing
– Lasercutting
– Screen printing




For everyone who mastered some of the machines with the help of the basic trainings and seek bigger challenges. We have our event courses. In each event course you will build something from scratch with the help of different machines, materials and tools. 

for example. Building your own longboard deck or steel frame bed. 

Most event courses are going over 2 days on weekends. 



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For the wood mill, cnc mill and the Big Rep 3D printer you require a private 1 on 1 training in order to work with the space. That is simply because these machines are more complex than the rest and the risk to break the machine or hurt yourself is  little bit higher. So to get the best results you have to book a private training.

You can also book private trainings for every maschine you would like to have a 1 on 1 Training 

Just send us your request with the following form. We will contact you to find a date.

*Private traings have a minimum of 3 hours Most event courses are going over 2 days on weekends.