TATCRAFT: That is something new. To be honest, community building is no easy thing to do. We learned the hard way :-)

Within the last 18 month we built ourselves a quite large network consisting of makers, fabricators, local decisionmakers, large companies and small, business and brand people and so on and so on… oftentimes we saw ourselves and everybody else innovating on their own, planning (simple) business tasks on their own… long story short: reinventing the wheel. That really pisses us off…! Business should be fun!

For those cases there should be a network. You can’t find one- build one. So we did! Tataaa, the Tatcraft Growth Network was born.

Now we are collecting valuable contributors. Joining the Tatcraft Growth Network is totally free of charge. But while it is free, we require you to contribute actively. There is no value to a community if no one is committed to participate therefore we only onboard people, companies and organizations that are very likely to contribute.

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