As you know, @Tatcraft we’re keen on seeing new technologies and meeting great founders and founding teams. Whenever possible we open our doors to anybody making (hardware based) projects happen. This time welcoming the startups of Fraunhofers’ AHEAD accelerator. So check out our newest episode of WELCOME TO TATCRAFT:

Welcome to Tatcraft: We open our doors to Fraunhofers’ new high-tech venture accelerator AHEAD. AHEAD is Fraunhofers’ very own Accelerator program, which recruits its startups out of their own research projects. Technology transfer made modern and freakin’ fast. If you want to know out more about AHEAD, check out their website.

As lots of AHEADs’ startups have applications in hardware Tatcraft is happy to facilitate regular workshops of AHEAD in our makerspace. Here at Tatcraft the latest batch of Fraunhofers’ tech projects got support on their way into the market.

The Workshop was 2 days full of lessons, brainstorming, teamworking, prototyping and testing.

Day 1:

During the first day all startups were challenged on several occasions and forced to bring their project on the next level. One task was to create a fitting prototype for their project the start field testing. Fraunhofer AHEAD guided all startups, with the help of Tatcraft and the resources of the makerspace, through the prototyping process to prepare the startups for day one’s testing Dinner.

At the evening of the Day one we organized a testing dinner for Fraunhofer AHEAD and invited the Tatcraft community to test the newly developed prototypes of Fraunhofer AHEAD‘s startups to give them feedback, reveal possible blind spots and of course to network.

After the dinner the startups had all night to let everything sink in. And to recover for day 2.

Day 2:

Fraunhofer AHEAD used the second day to recap with the startups.

They looked on all the new obtained skills and how to use them for their projects and they reviewed the Feedback every startup got from the testing dinner.

With all the information gathered from day 1 Fraunhofer AHEAD developed strategy’s together with each of their startups and planned the next steps for their successful market entry.

At the end of the workshop all participants left motivated and hyped.

Tatcraft says Thank You to Fraunhofer AHEAD and all participants. We’re looking forward have Fraunhofer here again End of September and to see similar concepts @Tatcraft.