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So far, so good. As Annie who works for MAK, one of the most prestigious museums in Frankfurt (it’s really big and we’re fans anyway) contacted us to reconstruct a Ferdinand Kramer park bench from plans found in a 1920s magazine (without correct mesurements, etc.) we were intrigued. When she then asked us to design, cad model, plan and fabricate a one-off design with total creative freedom we were completely on board.

What they asked us to do was very interesting. When Ferdinand Kramer designed the original bench in the 20s’, work in terms of manual labor and materials were cheap but machinery was damn expensive. Today in our new work industrialized world it’s the other way around. Therefore, our consolidated tech and design team were asked to design a working prototype based on a legendary design of one of the most influential German designers that was going to stand in a museum... Very exciting and no easy thing to do.

But that’s exactly what we built our company for and where Tatcraft Firms’ cross-disciplinary, heterogeneous team with backgrounds in design, product development, engineering and business really comes in handy. Hardware development is never easy but with a dedicated team we came quite quickly to a final design.