TATCRAFT_MAKERSPACE: Peter is a designer and architect. That man is with us for quite some time and its really great fun to have him around. He’s one of our start up members but he’s inspiring to all members around. He’s a great fabricator, designer and friend. Without further ado, we let him speak…

1.        Can you tell us about yourself briefly?

I'am Peter, 34, married, 1 child (and one coming), part of an identical twin, from harlingen, Friesland, the Netherlands. I am landscape and urban designer. Since a while now I try to design and make furniture as well.

2.        what you are currently working on?

I am in the final phase of prototyping my first chair and soon starting new projects I will be working on in the future: desk/ table and a baby bed.

3.        what made you decide to work at Tatcraft?

I wanted to contribute something positive to society and wanted to do something creative as well. In my case I wanted to be an architect but choose the more public field of urban and landscape design. Designing and making other objects like furniture was for a long time something I wanted to do. Meeting Tatcraft was the best opportunity to try because Tatcraft gives me the space, machines, know-how and input I need to create the things I want to make